Llamas Blog post

Llamas Blog post

‘Nuts to you, Señor Britain…I give your tiny nuts a kicking! Our big nuts give us honour. Your weeny ones bring you shame. I cry over your little nuts!’

This crunchy nugget of concern comes from the Deli Llama – the four-legged foodie charged (by outraged amigo Ali Paca) with engineering a snacking revolution, one boring British nibble at a time. After a brief dalliance with a trolley dolly and some scotch eggs, he hot-hoofs it to Essex, ‘the source of all smelly little diablos called dry roasted peanuts’, to do away with yet another home-grown gastronomic disgrace.

If this all sounds totally bonkers, I promise it’s not! The Deli Llama is a mystical snacking guru and the face of Llama’s, a new savoury snack from Tesco’s Venture Brands, brought to life by Forward.

Taking cues from the brand’s bright, bold packaging, Forward’s digital strategy found the llama a home-from-home on a new microsite. The Llama’s quest is brought to life in the Crunch Time blog and supported by a strong social media presence (encouraging culinary converts to ‘join the herd’ on Facebook and Twitter – creating an engaging problem (‘snacks so boring they killing British peoples’) to which the ‘fantástico’ llama-shaped bites are the solution.

It’s still early days, but the compelling – if somewhat cantankerous – voice, and the vibrant, innovative platform from which the llama speaks, are proving a hit with the public and also the client – James Procter-Blain, Llama’s marketing manager, said: “Forward has created an amazing microsite for Llama’s. Not only does it showcase the range of superb flavours, but it also captures the essence and humour of our llama character. The site is bold and engaging – and just what any marketing manager wants for the launch of a new product!”

And how could it not? The eternally young at heart llama has got wit, spit, and – caramba – has he got the bit between his teeth.

¡Viva la revolución!


PS Just in case you didn’t know, Llama’s is the 8th brand that we have worked on for Tesco Venture Brands. You can view the others here: